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The new administration's actions regarding immigration are worrisome to those at the Center for Immigrant Development (CID). The CID prides itself on providing accurate assistance and up to date information about immigration and citizenship to the people of Bridgeport, CT. We have many concerns about the implementation of new rules and the misinformation and confusion which has come from the Trump administration.

We agree about the importance to this country of proper vetting regarding immigrants, but reject the notion that immigration is a threat to the United States. As a nation of immigrants, we should recognize the importance of immigrants and have empathy and understanding towards all who attempt to come to our country. Last month’s Muslim ban was an unfortunate development that we feel undermines our immigration process. Obtaining a visa is already a stringent and difficult process; a complete ban is unnecessary and creates the wrong message to the world about how we treat immigrants and foreign visitors. A ban that targets Muslims or is directed against any religion is unconstitutional and against this country's ideals.

Most worrying is how President Trump’s ban affected green card holders before the court overturned the order.  We strongly believe that retroactively invalidating green cards on a massive scale, as was attempted this January, is illegal and would have an extremely negative effect on populations in this country, including in the city of Bridgeport. Lawful green card holders have the right to live and work here, and they overwhelmingly contribute positively to our society.

Recent changes to policy along with rhetoric and leaked memos have created an atmosphere of fear and uncertainty among immigrant communities. Confusion about the administration's intent and the possibilities of deportations have created an intolerable level of fear. We believe that every person, no matter of documented status, should have the right to live safely and be able to use public services such as the police without fear of deportation.

The CID is concerned with the pace and confusion surrounding policies that have occurred in the past weeks. We believe that immigration reform is needed; however, any such policies must be implemented lawfully with a full awareness of the effects they would have on immigrants and the country. We hope that the new administration will see the many benefits of immigration to our country and will continue our long tradition of welcoming and including immigrants into our society.

Post by: Quincy Stein, CID




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